About Us

Lima Bear® Press has a very straightforward mission: to publish children’s stories with captivating, creative text and vibrant illustrations that are engaging, imaginative, and humorous while carrying an important life message such as tolerance, honesty, forgiveness, courage, friendship, and teamwork.

In the 12-book series The Lima Bear Stories, the basic characters appear and reappear. Each has a distinct personality that shines through in every story.

While the children have no idea what twists and turns the story may take, they come to know the characters and have a pretty good idea of how they are likely to act in different situations and settings. Children become friends with the characters as they read the stories over and over. There is a form of bonding that develops.

Each story carries an important overriding message such as courage, tolerance, honesty, forgiveness, teamwork and many more that help children with life’s issues and lessons. We believe that this bonding creates a more profound understanding and appreciation of the message.

The special ‘Extend the Learning’ and ‘Activity’ pages allow teachers, parents, and grandparents to introduce concepts before reading, ask questions during and following the reading, and then participate in an activity to encourage the children to be involved in the concepts. They enhance the fun and learning experience of each book.

All books are 8.5 x 11, hard cover with dust jacket
Full color illustrations, 32 pages
Extended Learning & Activity pages for parents & teachers

 What people are saying…

“The books are handsome and beautifully illustrated…The Lima Bear Stories, I am happy to report, are winning books, as engaging for children as they are for the parent…

The world of tiny bears the Wecks’ have created here is original and new, wholly realized, populated by characters who are caring and funny, and who parent and child alike enjoy spending time with.” Tony D’Souza Peace Corps Writer


“…fascinating stories with messages and morals…This is also a great story from a family and business point of view. I’m glad these stories are being shared.” Steve Adubato, during an interview with Thomas Weck on One-on-One with Steve Adubato which aired on six PBS-TV stations