What readers, educators and media say about The Lima Bear Stories….

“A beautifully written and enchantingly illustrated book that teaches children the most important lesson about life…to love and assist not only those who are nice to us but even those who are mean to us. That is the true meaning of the Golden Rule, the formula for transforming hostility into harmony.” – Izzy Kalman, Nationally Certified School Psychologist and author of Bullies to Buddies: How to turn your enemies into friends

“This story describes bullying without being too frightening for young children, and reading this book together can spark a discussion on what to do when it happens. Children will recognize themselves in little Lima Bear, and cheer his solution to the problem.” –Lyda Whiting, Awareness Magazine

…I think being an involved parent is the only thing one can do. Part of that is sharing with them books like this, a way for them to be reminded again that bad things happen to even the nicest people, that often there is no good reason for it, that this sort of thing can happen to anyone, and hopefully, hopefully, they’ll feel empowered enough to talk about it.

As a side note, Bully Bean is the best illustrated book in the colorful series; artist Len DiSalvo seems to have found a fine palate balance between ‘less-is-more’ on the single pages, and a controlled exuberance on the two-page spreads. His rendering of the ‘human chain’ the lima bears make to save Bully Bean is rich in its tricky composition and perspective relief.” –Tony D’Souza, Peace Corp Writers

“This story will help even the youngest Lima Bear lovers learn that all boys and girls can be heroes by being good and helpful instead of being mean and hurtful. This book’s vital message is an early step to alleviate the nightmarish childhood problem of bullying.” –Philip Dale Smith, parenting/childhood specialist, and national award-winning author of Over is not Up!, Nighttime at the Zoo and 1, 2, 3 Special Like Me

“…What I really liked about this story was way in which the characters who were being bullied, forgave the bully and helped the bully. Bully Bean realizes his error and becomes a good friend and a contributor to the community. The Weck authors have written a story which illustrates not only the issue of bullying but also a positive way that we can help our children through the challenges of dealing with a bully.” –Chris,

“A page-turner for children. With characters children will relate to, The Cave Monster subtly reinforces the value of friendship, courage, commitment, and appreciation for others who look and think differently.” –Jamie Shilling, Primary School Teacher, Seattle, WA

“…engaging and satisfying…The Cave Monster is the third in an adventurous series…More useful than their toy weapons is the way the group battles their fears of venturing into a potentially scary place and how they find courage when acting together. Told in a friendly, energetic but thoughtful style, The Cave Monster is a smart read. DiSalvo’s zesty artwork brings to mind a classic, vintage look as in ‘Peter Rabbit’ and ‘The Briar Rabbit.’ As a bonus, extra activity and learning ideas bring up the rear of this fun tale.” –Lee Littlewood, Kids’ Home Library, Creators syndicated column

The Cave Monster is the third book in the Lima Bear series and by now, young readers are likely familiar with the antics of this group of friends. This tale — with a happy ending — is goofy, silly, fun, and teaches a lesson of friendship and sticking together to help another friend in need. There are two pages at the back of the book to ‘Extend the Learning’ with activity suggestions for ‘before reading,’ ‘during reading,’ and ‘after reading’ as well as games to play to enhance the learning experience.

Quill says: A fun book for fans of the Lima Bear series.” –Holly Connors, Feathered Quill Book Reviews

“Another great book in the Lima Bear series! The kiddos enjoyed this book that relayed important lessons of courage and friendship through an exciting and very well illustrated tale. This series is great for teaching important lessons to children in a way that really gets them involved in the story. ABCD Diaries gives The Cave Monster an A+! ” Christin Banda, The ABCD Diaries

“I liked that the authors give teaching and comprehension ideas for parents and teachers to use when going over the book with kids. My son’s favorite part was the rhyme towards the end when they attack the monster. And the illustrations were great. ” –Margarita L., Mommy Review Board, Fredericksburg Parent

“…[The Lima Bear Stories series are] highly recommended for both child and parent to bring them closer together in development. These are five star books for children.” –Clark’s Bookshelf, Reviewer’s Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

“…Father and son teamed up to create Lima Bear Press, a publishing company with a mission: to publish children’s stories that are engaging, imaginative and funny and that carry important messages such as tolerance, honesty and courage.

‘The books have to have a message — that is part of the story. The illustrations have to be copious and beautiful, they have to be very funny; and characters have to have a personality,” said Thomas Weck, who had worked as the president of an engineering/environmental firm. “After a few stories, children who follow the series will start to take ownership of the characters.'” –The Star-Ledger, Newark, NJ, Carmen Juri

“Absolutely delicious! The Megasaurus is a wide-eyed read that makes you laugh, and lets you root for the hometown hero. It teaches respect for everyone–not just the ‘wise.’ Love it! Love it! Love it! Excellent to be used both at home and in school.” –Lisa Hauser, national award-winning children’s author and editor

“…I love this book, because I think all kids are scared of monsters. It is a great way to show them that they can win the battle with the monster under their bed or in their closet. The illustrations are fun (especially the one that has the solution to their monster problem!). The Megasaurus also has an extended learning and activities section that allows you to take the story into the real world. The Megasaurus is for ages 4 – 8, but I think all kids would love it!” –Lisa Martin,

“…One of the things I particularly liked was how the owls’ dialogue was in a different color. My daughter instantly started reading those as though they were a script. The author/publisher put a lot of work into creating excellent, meaningful, and relevant bonus material.

…There are several different bullying scenarios in the book that are complemented by creative problem solving. The illustrations are great and the story opens the door for discussions with kids.” –The Reading Tub

“There was a monster loose in Beandom. Megasuarus was out of control and looking for his favorite food — beans! L. Joe Bean had a plan that he was sure would work, but no one would listen…Reading this book together offers parents an opportunity to talk with their child about fears, monsters and following your convictions. The book also includes some fun ideas in the Extend the Learning and Activities pages.” –Tracie Grimes, Kern County Family Magazine

“All children have a love/fear relationship with monsters. That is why The Megasaurus by Thomas Weck and Peter Weck, with captivating illustrations by Len DiSalvo is a wonderful story to share with any 4 – 8 year old….

The Megasaurus is the first title in an exciting series of book being published by Lima Bear Press, LLC. The publisher’s mission is to publish children’s stories that are engaging, imaginative, and humorous while carrying an important life message such as tolerance, honesty, courage, etc. The stories are entertaining and meaningful both to those who listen as well as to those who read them aloud. ” –Tami Rose,

“The Wecks have created a fast paced tale in which animal friends work together (with misadventures along the way) to help each other. In the process, Plumpton and his buddies also discover that being different has its advantages! Authors Thomas and Peter have successfully viewed the world through a child’s eyes and have presented many opportunities for little folks to delve into life’s lessons.” –Kathy Teitelman, Nationally Board Certified Teacher, Cincinnati, OH

“This is an excellent story! It shows us how teamwork and loyalty to friends can be successful in solving an EEE-mergency! Lima Bear, Whistle-Toe, Plumpton and Makamal remind us of some old friends we have back in 100-acre wood. Just like our friends in 100-acre wood they show us what ‘one for all and all for one’ really means. Thomas and Peter Weck have a savvy way of capturing children’s imaginations and drawing them into the plot. This story is enjoyable for children of all ages!” –Veronica Kannenberg, Early Childhood Educator, Chicago, IL