Author Tom Weck Reveals Secrets of The Lima Bear Children’s Books in Latest Interview

1_Joe L. Bean_Welcome_150_copyIf there is one thing that we here at Lima Bear press have heard over and over again, it is that kids love to have the Lima Bear Books read to them over and over and over again.  Recently, the  author of the Lima Bear Series, Tom Weck, was interviewed by Rachel Koestler-Grack of Story Monster’s Ink.  In the interview Tom revealed a few secrets about those exciting beans from Beandom and how the Lima Bear Books have come to be.

Secret #1: Why bean-sized bears in Beandom?


When children come into the world, they come into a world that’s sized wrong, it’s sized for adults. Due to their small size, the Lima Bears encounter many of the same obstacles children face, living in an oversized world.

Secret #2: What are the two strict criteria that each Lima Bear Story must have?


The story must be well written and expand a child’s mind in both knowledge and vocabulary. Tom says, “I think young minds are under- estimated in terms of how much they can absorb.”

Secret #3:  What is the author’s favorite child’s reaction to each Lima Bear Book?



Thomas loves to laugh, and all of his stories trigger sidesplitting laughter from children and parents alike. In fact, if the story doesn’t incite an up- roar of hilarity, it won’t go to print.

You can read Tom Weck’s entire interview with Rachel Koestler-Grack at Story Monsters Ink’s December issue.  Tom’s interview starts on page 12.

A New Childrens E-digest, StoryMonstersInk: Great Information For Great Kids Books for Parents, Educators and Kids Alike

storymonstersinkTom Weck, co-author of the Lima Bear Series was interviewed by Story Monsters Ink, for their December edition.  Story Monsters Ink is a free, subscription-based e-digest (magazine, really) that provides parents, teachers, and children with the latest news on book releases, book events, and author profiles. The magazine features reviews by children on children’s books (how cool is that?) and offers regular features including “Conrad’s Corner” (science stuff that kids and parents can both understand) as well as monthly picks of “Monster Approved” books.  It is super colorful, informative and fun.

Tom was excited to be interviewed for the magazine and revealed the backstory of how the Lima Bear Series came to be, how his past of storytelling to his own siblings and then to his own children inspired the series and how his Peace Corp experience helped him develop the rhyming sequences that are a mainstay of each of the Lima Bear Books.  Tom describes the collaboration with his son Peter to bring the tales to life (and publication).  You can read the entire article at the StoryMonstersInk website.  Tom’s interview begins on page 12.

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