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Author Thomas Weck does school visits and captivates elementary school children with is storytelling and grandfatherly wit and enthusiasm.

Check below for information on how he shares the life lesson messages of The Lima Bear Stories series. And also see some samples of activities you can use in the classroom. We will be adding more on a frequent basis…so check back often.

You can contact Thomas Weck for speaking information at: author@LimaBearPress.com

Author School Visits

Thomas Weck has a passion for engaging children when speaking in the assembly or classroom about The Lima Bear Stories. Each has a message important for children in their daily lives including teamwork, forgiveness, bullying, honesty, tolerating differences in others.

During the school assembly…

Questions draw children in and allow them to participate from the very beginning. With humor and expressive presentation, Thomas gets them going and keeps them involved.

If the story has a captivating summary with a question at the end such as: “Do you think they will find the treasure?” or “Do you think they will escape from the monster?”, then he asks the question ahead of reading and elicit responses. The children will then have more ‘ownership’ of the story from the very outset.   Depending on how the story unfolds, asking similar types of questions mid-way through the story, with much of the plot now revealed, will again draw the children further into the story.   At the end of the story, this is a wonderful opportunity to ask such questions as: “Did the end of the story surprise you?” “Would have done it differently?” “Which character was the kindest?” etc. This encourages a free reign of thinking and exploring by the children.

In all of his Lima Bear Stories books, he includes an ‘Extend the Learning’ section which shares with teachers and parents how to ask questions before, during and following the reading so that children are more involved AND learn more about the message of the story. (Read more – Sample)

In the classroom…

 Thomas Weck enjoys sharing how these stories came about. He made them up as he tucked his own children into bed at night. Check out the letter Thomas recently wrote to his son (now grown with children of his own). He talks to children about imagination and encourages them to think of their own stories.

Stories that expand the knowledge and add new vocabulary words are the best. He can ask what they think the words mean, encourage the children to suggest other words with a somewhat similar meaning and discuss the differences.

Many Lima Bear Stories contain a four-line repetitive poem. This continues to draw the children in by giving the repetition. Thomas encourages the children to listen for it coming and to repeat the last line or last word depending upon the age. Poetry is one of the most effective ways to teach children vocabulary and language skills.


For children in the older grades, they may be interested in the art of story writing and the process of having your book published.   The author can go over the steps and process he used as the example. Children are likely to ask some very good questions as many may have thoughts or dreams of writing a story themselves that someday will appear in a book or eBook.

By following these suggestions, the author, the children and their teachers will all enjoy the whole session, and the children will benefit more than with just a simple read of the story.

Activities for classroom or home…

Watch here for classroom and home activities…