The Mysteries of Your Children Revealed Through Vacation Time

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© Wavebreakmediamicro |

Learn the mysteries of your children while on vacation

In the States we call it a vacation. Overseas, it is called a holiday. No matter what you call it, the idea is the same. You and your family leave your house and all your cares behind and spend uninterrupted time together. Where you decide to go makes little difference. They length of time that you stay away does not much matter either. What does matter is that you have you have some time to really focus on your family. The benefits to this uninterrupted time can be invaluable.

Time away with your family can provide an insight you otherwise might not have

Here are a few of the things that you may learn about your children with some time away from home:

*** What is going in at your child’s school

*** What is going on with your child’s friends…ie. what kind of kids are their friends?

*** What your child’s idiosyncrasies are

*** What your child’s interests are

*** How your child solves problems

*** What your child’s everyday temperament is

*** What problems your child might be having

How a vacation can reveal the secrets of your child

It is the quiet, un-stressful, un-scheduled time together that provides the magic. After a few days, the conversation starts flowing. Stories from the year are revealed. Issues come up. Worries are admitted. Desires and dreams are uncovered. Who knows? A problem or two maybe solved. Before the end of your trip, family bonding has occurred.

As summer rolls around the corner, make it a point to be present in your vacation and relaxed enough to take it all in.  The real trick is to try to find a way to create “vacation time” at home from time to time.

Do you have experience with the phenomena of secrets revealed during family vacation?  Share your experience with us.


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